About us


Who are the Jersey Shore Surfcasters?

The surf fishing club, the Jersey Shore Surfcasters (JSS), was founded in 2005 by a small group of die-hard striped bass surfcasters that put an emphasis on two things, fishing regularly and giving something back to the community.

The JSS requires surf-fishermen that truly fish, in the pure sense of the way surfcasting is supposed to be, by putting in your time on the beach, by working hard. Just as important, it takes members that have a serious interest in giving something back to the surfcasting community. The membership of the JSS is required to actively participate in various club-related activities throughout the year.

The JSS is an assembly of excellent independent fishermen that are good people that enjoy sharing their success and have no problem with watching others succeed as well.

The JSS emphasizes catch and release and conservation of our striped bass fishery more than it does the harvesting of fish, other than the occasional keeper for the table.

The club meets monthly, it is an invitation-only club, however outside inquiries are always welcome. All prospective members have to be referred by an active member and then approved by the Membership Committee. The club has an extensive application process set-up to keep the quality of its membership high. The entire membership is reviewed each year, inactive members are removed from membership.

While it may sound demanding, the JSS is in no way labor intensive. It is a group of great guys that enjoy gathering together and have the common thread of striped bass fishing from the surf.

A good time is always on tap whenever the group assembles, whether for its annual picnic, Surf Day, a beach gathering, or a monthly meeting. It is a good home to many.