Newbie’s to Surf Day Pack a Punch

Each year at Surf Day we work hard to bring “fresh.” Fresh products, fresh vendors, fresh speakers with fresh topics and since we love it all fresh we also want our house to be fresh, so we installed a new insulation from Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against our reliable, regular contributors but fresh doesn’t hurt. This year we again have newbies to Surf Day and I would like to introduce a couple right now. One is a speaker and one is vendor. The JSS warmly welcomes both to Surf Day!!

First the speaker, Dave Thomashey, known by most as “Big Dave.” He will be doing his seminar at 12:00 p.m. He lives in Monument Beach, Massachusetts, which is like right there on the Canal. I remember Dave saying, “I can roll out of bed at 3:30 and be in the water fishing by 3:45. (Damn!) He will be doing a seminar on fishing the Cape Cod Canal. He has been fishing the Ditch all his life and consistently for almost 4o years. His talk will be fascinating similar to a conversation that you may have with him. He is loaded with info and he is also a rod expert, if you have questions about a rod.  Along with all that he is also one of the nicest people that you will ever meet, very kind and gentle and very willing to help those that seek info. Bring your toughest Canal question to his seminar. Checkout Dave’s Profile at:

My next guest is another good friend of mine, Ron McKee. He is from Maine and he fishes for stripers like a maniac! Thus the name of his lure company, Striper Maine-iac! He fishes from Maine right down to the Canal, Martha’s Vineyard, through to Connecticut. He has an awesome line of blue collar, workhorse plugs. I have been lucky to have been fishing them for like 3-4 years now. They are made by a guy that knows what the hell he is doing! He has been fishing since he was a kid up in Maine and New Hampshire and he has deep roots in fishing the Canal. He was very good friends with two of our surfcasting (legendary) forefathers: Bob Pond and Stan Gibbs. He knew both guys before they became household names in fishing circles. He has lures by both that he was given by each of them when they were prototyping plugs and selling them out of the trunk of their cars. Go talk to Ron, this guy is fascinating, he’s got some great stories! Buy some of his wood and watch how how productive the plugs he makes can be.

Here are some of Ron’s Striper Bomb’s. Weighing it at somewhere around 3 ounces, they really cast great, you can really “bomb” them our there.

See you at Surf Day!