Big Rock Comes to Surf Day

The JSS is very happy to have a good friend of the JSS come and sell plugs at Surf Day this year, and hopefully for many to follow. Russ Paoline, known by most as “Big Rock” is bringing da the house to SD!

Rock is a great plug builder! I have been fishing his stuff for over ten years now and it is nothing short of awesome. I remember one time he built me a special Cowboy to fish in Cuttyhunk, boy did that plug swim like a fish. I had a lot of affection for it because it produced some really sweet bass…that is until the day it kissed a rock and plastered the lip across its face, I worked so hard to straighten that lip and I was never able to get that sucker to swim sexy again. It now hangs on my wall of fame.

Anyway Rock made some notable plugs during our last peanut run, that ended in 2007. Then he had a little rough run there for a couple years where his production dropped off but for the last three years his guns are a blazing! The ranks have been jamming on these swimmers, they have been dynamite! His new stuff is sick and I honestly see Big Rock moving up to the next echelon of plugbuilders, joining the ranks of D-Mag and Cyclone, his stuff is that good. 

Now that said, besides what I call the “Artsy Fartsy” stuff (pictured above), plugs that will never see water, his roots are blue collar (pictured below), and the lures are meant to catch fish, not a collectors eye. So come Surf Day, the Big Rock table is in all likelihood one of the many that you will want to visit. I can’t wait for Surf Day!