Al Gag and Co. Head South to Surf Day

“Home of the Whip it Fish “
Al Gag ….Al “Gag” Gagliarducci (center) is known and well respected throughout the East Coast as the inventor of the now famous Whip-it Fish and Whip-It Eels soft plastic lure.  Al has a long history in the fishing industry.  He has been building and designing custom lures since 1978.
His passion for making better lures stems from his love of fishing and the knowledge that there is always a little room for improvement.  Drawing from his many years of experience out on the water, Al knew he could design a better product that would not only meet his needs, but the needs of avid fishermen and women throughout the county and now the World! Today, Al has a full line of custom lures and you can find Al speaking at fishing shows up and down the East Coast.
Gag’s most now famous lures are called the ‘Whip-It Eel” “Whip-it Fish” and his NEW 5oz World Record Striper  Company RATTLE head and the 1/2oz Underspin! This special lures have  a custom molded head, life like eyes and, a shape that adds a natural swimming action that fish love.
This lures are every angler go to for successful catching!
Try them …and you will be hooked!
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