Surf Day 2017 – A true education!!

HOLY SMOKE have you seen the Surf Day lineup of speakers and presenters?  The JSS is pulling out all the stops! The big presentation will be at 3:00 and will be done by Mike Laptew (Striper’s Gone Wild, Secrets of the Striper Pro’s and more). If you haven’t seen one of his presentations yet you have not been properly educated yet. Mike and I go WAY back. It was over ten years ago when he and I drove around together around South County and Aquidneck Island looking for a good shot for a book cover. We were shooting for a big bass shot but it didn’t happen so we went with what is now the cover of Surfcasters Guide. Bet you can’t guess where that is?

Another one of headline presenters will be Big Dave Thomashey, a life-long Cape Cod Canal fisherman. He’s been fishing the Ditch for over 50 years, yes I said 5-0! He started fishing it weekly in 1977. WHAT??!! A short conversation and you will quickly be drawn in by his kind and easy way. He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!! His seminar is not to be missed!!

Headliner #3 is no other than Jersey raised and favorite son, Nick Honachefsky. No one fishes harder than Nick and nobody presents harder than Nick. His seminars are usually high energy and loaded up with insights. This years seminar will be on sharking from the beach. Oh boy hold on!

The next guy is a one of the best (NJ) fly fishermen that you will ever meet, check that one of the best fishermen that you will ever meet. Billy Sistad is one of the most productive striper fishermen that you have never heard of. That’s because he does his job and keeps his head down and mouth closed (the way it should be). Listen to his seminar and get some serious knowledge, especially if you are just getting into fly fishing or thinking about getting a long rod. You will not be disappointed!

James Murtagh more commonly known as “Murty” just happens to be my right hand man both on the beach and on the road, this guy knows structure and he knows how to read water better than anybody that I have ever met! He can just flat out catch damn fish!! He will be doing a talk on using the beach buggy to find your fish. I have a feeling it won’t be like, “look for a bent rod!” This is a must-see for guys looking to up their buggy game.

Oh I forgot another ol’ chum of mine Dave Anderson will be on hand. He has a wide knowledge base on catching stripers using just about any type of offering. He is a super lure builder with many non-conventional lures under his belt. He will be discussing the needlefish, hard to learn, harder to trust. It will be, as always, a great presentation.

Doing his second Surf Day seminar this year will be Joe D’Agostino a.k.a. “Joe Baggs,” the great bucktail tier. He actually ties one of my personal favorite color patterns. He is a very good presenter and will give you a lot of insights on fishing deep fast water-I heard part of this seminar in Connecticut last year…very good!

Peter Jenkins owner of the Saltwater Edge in Middletown, RI will be giving a seminar on catching albies from the surf. Rhode Island had a fantastic run of false albacore last year and Peter will enlighten you on techniques for catching them on both spin and a touch of fly.

And there will be MORE!!!!!! Stay tuned for speaker profiles!!