A Letter from John Hab Jr.

Hello Surf fishermen,

I hope you all had a great year fishing! I haven’t been on any of the surf fishing forums the last few years after I stopped making lures. The reason I came on this today, is to let all you know that I have been keeping a secret for almost 10 years. I saved the last batch of 417 plugs that my dad John Haberek of HABS CUSTOM PLUGS crafted. He painted those lures before his unexpected death on September 23, 2007, but never got the chance to assemble them. After his sudden death, I went into his workshop and took all his lures down, packaged them and hid them in the dark for almost 10 years. Now they are here to see the light of day again. In February 2016, I decided to get them out and take a look at them to see what I could do about them. It took a while but then I began assembling them little by little. It wasn’t easy for me. Once I got them all done, I designed a letter for each plug stating that it was in the last batch of plugs that he had crafted and I had each letter notarized. It is proof that those are from the last batch of plugs that my dad ever made….. The total number in the batch is 417 plugs. I am keeping between 50 to 60 plugs for my personal collection. What is available in his batch?

  • 12” needlefish, only 2 left. I am keeping one and will auction the other off in March 2017, as my dad’s birthday was in March.
  • 9” Needlefish, 13 pcs •
  • 7” Needlefish 83 pcs •
  • 5” Needlefish 42 pcs •
  • Mullets •
  • Small Night n gales 70 pcs •
  • Med Night n gales 26 pcs •
  • Fat Night n gales 10 pcs •
  • Tallywhackers 56 pcs •
  • Jointed Atom Jr 4 pcs •
  • Stubby 22 pcs •
  • Pencil Poppers 4 pcs

I will be attending the Surf Day fishing show in NJ coming up Feb 18, 2017. I will have tables there with my dad’s last batch of lures to sell. A limited amount will be kept until the Antique fishing show in April 2017 on Cape Cod.

Thanks John Jr.

John Haberek Sr.

The man, the myth, the legend, called home way too soon.

As an Executive Member of the JSS, I would like to say that it is our pleasure and honor to have someone like John Hab Jr. come to our show and give something back to the surfcasting community in this way. We welcome him and his family with open arms, we will have surfcasting royalty in the house!!!          -DJ