2017 Speakers


Mike Laptew 2017 Surf Day Main Seminar Speaker

Mike Laptew know as the Diving Fisherman has been diving for over half a century, and fishing since shortly after his first steps. A one-time competitive spearfisherman, he lay down his gun 21 years ago, and has shot fish exclusively with a camera over the intervening two-plus decades. Mike delivers you the unparalleled advantage of observing—and knowing—how fish behave under ever-changing conditions. Through a compelling combination of illuminating underwater footage and topside perspective on the methods employed by the best fishermen in the game, the Diving Fisherman gives you the insight you’ll need to land the fish of your career.





Nick Honachefsky 2017 Surf Day Main Seminar Speaker.

Nick Honachefsky holds editorial positions at Saltwater Sportsman, Guy Harvey Magazine, The Fisherman, On the Water and is host of TV’s Hookin’ up with Nick and Mariko on the World Fishing Network. Honachefsky is also author of the local best selling books; The Jersey Surf Diaries and The New Jersey Boat Fisherman. As Jersey’s surf sharking pioneer, Honachefsky will be discussing Surf Sharking at his seminar; delving deep into the fishery discussing tips, tactics and adventures catching browns, dusky and sand tiger sharks from the surf. Check Nick on Facebook and Instagram #nickhonachefsky




Big Dave 2017 Surf Day Main Seminar Speaker

Big Dave Thomashey is life-long Cape Cod Canal fisherman. With 39 years of experience fishing “the Ditch” and a 3 time national distance casting champion he will teach everything you need to know about fishing the Canal.  Learn basic information on how to use depth, tide, structure, and current to target different areas. You’ll be able to use this seminar to figure out productive times to fish so you make the most out of your trip.  He will cover cover fishing the migration in the spring and fall and how to target resident fish in the summer months with plugs, jigs and bait.






John Skinner 2017 Surf Day Speaker

John Skinner is the author of the books Fishing for Summer Flounder, Striper Pursuit, Fishing the Bucktail, and A Season on the Edge. He was the long-time Surf Fishing Columnist and former Editor-in-Chief of Nor’east Saltwater Magazine. He has written many articles for Nor’east Saltwater, On the Water, and The Surfcaster’s Journal. His videos on the John Skinner Fishing YouTube channel are known to anglers worldwide. Skinner is a frequent speaker at outdoor shows and has a well-earned reputation as a productive, versatile, and methodical angler. He holds the current New York State false albacore record. When not fishing, he can often be found Scuba diving in Long Island Sound.




Dave Anderson 2017 Surf Day Speaker

Dave Anderson is an avid surfcaster hailing from central Massachusetts. On any given night, you’re likely to find him surf fishing somewhere between Point Judith and the Cape Cod Canal. Dave has spent much of the last decade working as an editor for magazines like The Fisherman and Surfcasters Journal—he currently holds the positions of Field Editor for The Fisherman and Managing Editor for Surfcaster’s Journal. When he’s not fishing the surf you might find Dave flipping a swim bait for largemouths or playing guitar. You may also know that Dave is the man behind the small lure company Surf Asylum and he churns out a very small number of plugs each winter. He is happily married to his wife, Greta and a proud father of his daughter, Lila, who loves to go fishing, walking in the woods or hunting for ancient arrowheads. Passing his knowledge and love of the outdoors down to his daughter is one of his greatest pleasures.

DJ Muller 2017 Surf Day Speaker

DJ Muller is one of NJ’s top surfcasters, and one of the most rounded and experienced surfcasters in the northeast. He is also a surf guide, outdoor writer and author of three surfcasting books. “The Surfcasters Guide to the Striper Coast,” “Striper Strategies,” and his latest “Striper Tales.” DJ also writes a regular columns for the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine.  Targeting the best waters on the east coast DJ has fished for stripers as far reaching as the beaches of Hatteras to the coast of Maine. Over the last 20 years DJ has built an extensive track record at targeting striper at places like Martha’s Vineyard, the Cape Cod Canal, Cuttyhunk, Block Island, Montauk, just to name a few. He runs guided trips each year to various destinations, working with aspiring surfcasters looking to get an edge on the learning curve. The surfcasters he guides learn firsthand from one of the most passionate ‘Cow Chasers’ on the northeast.  DJ is one of the founding members and currently Vice President of the JSS, and he is awaiting his newest book, “Fishing the Cape Cod Canal: A Surfcaster’s Guide” in March.



Joseph D’Agostino “Joebaggs” As far back as he can remember, “Water, life, and fishing have been the escape needed to relax.”  Fine tuning skills and adjusting to all conditions is what separates just fishing to catching.   “Joebaggs” will share some of these skills with you at Surf Day.  The goal is to share some successes, so that they can be applied in the places that other fish.

Peter Jenkins 2017 Surf Day Speaker

Peter Jenkins is the owner of the Saltwater Edge in Middletown, Rhode Island and the Lead Instructor at the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Schools.  Peter is grateful that his Grandfather shared his love of saltwater fishing with him at a young age. He enjoys both surfcasting and flyrodding as the situation dictates and his favorite targets are striped bass, false albacore, and bonefish. He is a member of Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association and Chairman of the Access Sub-Committee of their Legislative Committee. 







Bill Sistad 2017 Surf Day Speaker

Bill Sistad, a veteran saltwater fly fisherman for 26 years and JSS member, will answer all of your questions relating to fly fishing in salt water. He will cover gear, fly tying, and surf and river fishing tactics.  Bill’s seminar will help you get started in saltwater fly fishing.

Bill Sistad at Surf Day 2014




















PJ Novello 2017 Kids Seminar Speaker

Paul “Pj” Novello is a 6th grader at Goetz Middle School in Jackson. When he is not fishing you can catch him on the mats with the middle school wrestling team or at meeting with his Boy Scout troop, Troop 82 out of Jackson.

Pj started fishing with his dad when he was about 3 years old and has been fishing ever since. At the age of 4, he caught his first striper. Pj can be seen fishing in the surf or freshwater fishing from his kayak or his pontoon boat. He can often be seen with both his conventional and his fly rods.   He is very passionate about fishing, and is looking forward to helping other young anglers with surfcasting.

He is active with the NJBBA, earning his 1 star jacket last year, and also participates in activities with the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders.